There are a number of attractive options for sponsorship of AOP activities which will enable us to reach out to far more people affected by chronic pain.
1) The Action on Pain Mobile Information Unit is now well established starting its sixteenth year of operation. It provides AOP with the ability to “set up” in supermarket car parks and other similar venues whilst providing a practical way of giving support and advice. Already the unit has proved to be very popular with good usage across the U.K. along with many positive comments.

The opportunity to sponsor the running costs or part of is available with recognition of that sponsorship displayed on the vehicle as well as on our website provides an attractive option. Sponsorship can take several forms such as funding a tank of diesel, funding the consumables on the unit.

2) AOP produces a range of highly popular attractive and informative booklets which are widely used throughout the NHS and many other outlets. The opportunity to sponsor the cost of these booklets brings the ability to have your company logo on the front of the booklet. You can sponsor from just one through to the whole range of titles however this method of sponsorship is popular so you choice may be restricted

3) There is the opportunity to sponsor the running costs of one of our volunteers on an annual basis. Please contact AOP on 01553 828926 to discuss the various options

4) There is also the opportunity to sponsor one of our events so please contact AOP on 01553 828926 to discuss the various options

5) There is the opportunity to sponsor PainLine-our dedicated telephone helpline providing support and advice for those affected by chronic pain which has received nearly 170000 calls

These are but some of the opportunities to sponsor AOP activities but you may have more ideas that you would like to discuss with us. Please call AOP on 01553 828926

With all sponsorship activities Action on Pain reserves the right to work only with those that are in tandem with our ethos of a health related charity. We strictly conform to any regulations or code of conduct that may be in force relating to a particular industry or commercial sector.