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So what is TENS?

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation(TENS) is a small flexible unit powered by batteries which has a number of electrodes(pads) that are placed on your skin. These deliver electrical impulses to the nerve fibres found under the surface of your skin. Basically what happens is that pain relief is provided by blocking pain signals to your brain via your spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system. It also stimulates the production of endorphins which is your body’s own pain relieving system. It is usual to place the pads(electrodes) around the spot where your pain is. They are easily applied and unobtrusive enabling you to go about your normal daily life. TENS does not cause drowsiness or nausea which is a major benefit of such a machine. The amount of electrical current used is very small so does not pose any danger. It is important to understand that if you have a pacemaker fitted, have a cardiac condition or are pregnant then you must contact your GP or other relevant healthcare professional before considering using a TENS machine. It is also advised that you take advice from a healthcare professional if the pads(electrodes) are going to be used around the head or neck.

Action on Pain sells no other electrical product than TENS as we feel that this is the only product that has a tried and tested “track record” established over many years. Whilst it does not work for everybody our feedback indicates that the level of success is sufficient for Action on Pain to recommend TENS.

A flexible and durable dual channel TENS machine that may help to ease your pain.

Good range of settings including timer with no need to reset every 15 minutes

Easy to use and with no side effects

Easy to carry and unobtrusive. Battery operated so can be used “on the move”

Can use re-chargeable batteries

Full and clear instructions including an attractive carrying case

Pads for sensitive skin available at small additional cost

* Cannot be used if you are pregnant , use a pacemaker or have a heart condition   If in any doubt talk to your GP or other relevant healthcare professional before using

Available from Action on Pain for just £30 including postage and packing plus three packs of pads

Spare sets of pads available at  £4.50  for a set of four or £11.00 for four packs of four pads. We strongly suggest that you order spare pads when purchasing your TENS machine.  We are able to supply spare sets of pads at “well below” high street prices so please do support Action on Pain by purchasing from us. You can pay using online banking details of which will be provided when you place your order. Due to the high charges imposed by credit card companies we do not currently accept credit/debit cards.  We will gladly accept cash either from delivery within 20 miles of Kings Lynn or by pre-arranged callers to our office.