How can you help?

Fundraising – How can you help?

  • By making a donation-if you are a tax payer we can claim Gift Aid
  • By making a legacy to Action on Pain
  • By sponsoring one of our activities such as the Mobile Information Unit
  • By donating materials or goods such as copier paper; computer software/hardware/stamps etc

We are always open to ideas for fundraising and deeply value any support you can give Action on Pain

Please contact us on  01553 828926 or at [email protected]

If you are able to make a donation, then please send it to:

Action on Pain  2 Mill Close Terrington St Clement Norfolk PE34 4JG 

Thank you for your valued support!

We provide support, advice and help in various ways to people living with chronic pain along with those affected by pain, be they a family member, friend, carer or work colleague. We also provide information to healthcare professionals, both in order to raise awareness of chronic pain whilst acting as a “sounding board” for professionals seeking effective care options for their patients.


PainLine 01553 828926 10:00am – 4:00pm (Mon-Fri)

Our dedicated telephone help-line, manned by people with chronic pain, provides expert advice and support based around our own experiences. Confidential and informal, PainLine has gained a reputation for providing a quality “down to earth” service to our callers.

As our team are all volunteers there may be times when the line is not manned. Please leave a message – we will get back to you.

N.B. We are not qualified to give medical advice, however the advice we give is based around our day-to-day living with chronic pain.

PainLine Update

By the end of 2021 Action on Pain had handled nearly 170000 calls on PainLine since opening in 1998 highlighting the popularity of the service which has seen a continual annual increase in usage

At the start of 2004 Action on Pain started to provide weekend cover on PainLine however the uptake was very light. Given that we rely entirely on volunteers to man PainLine it was clear that this was not the best use of this valuable resource. We therefore took the decision to withdraw weekend cover from 1 December 2004. That said messages to the answerphone at the weekend are monitored with any urgent calls being responded to as soon as possible as will messages to our e-mail address. PainLine operates from our Norfolk office between 1000-1600hrs Mon-Fri. on 01553 828926 You may get an answerphone as we rely on volunteers but please leave a message as we always get back. 

Our office number is 01553 828926 which should be used for all administrative purposes.

Contact us at:

Action on Pain
2 Mill Close Terrington St Clement Norfolk PE34 4JG

Painline: 01553 828926

Or by e-mail: at [email protected]