Once again Action on Pain takes another notable step in our quest to provide as much support and advice possible for people affected by chronic pain. The ninth booklet in our series of informative publications has hit the road running. “Your Box of Tricks” is full of handy hints and tips which are designed to help you deal with your pain. All the “Tricks” come from people affected by chronic pain who live in and around West Norfolk. Easy to understand and laced with more than a bit of humour this booklet can only be of benefit.

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AOPbook “Pace and Relax

Your box of tricks - click here to view brochureBox of Tricks” tricks of the trade for coping with chronic pain.

Have pain - want to travel? - click here to view brochurePain & Travel Advice” Useful tips on how to make travelling easier.

Understanding chronic pain - click here to view brochureUnderstanding your Pain” is designed to give an introduction to chronic pain; what it means its possible impact etc. It also helps people to understand what to expect; what services may be available in the NHS or private sector as well as giving a great deal of support and advice.

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