General Information

Action on Pain was formed in 1998 with the aims of providing support and advice for people who are affected by chronic pain. Run entirely by volunteers all of whom either have or are affected by chronic pain we promote the positive side of living with chronic pain. Our friendly “down to earth” approach is appreciated by many which has helped the charity become a major national and international organisation which still retains the “simple and informal” approach to helping people.

We operate a dedicated telephone helpline:

PainLine – 01553 828926      Operates Mon-Fri 10:00 to 16:00 hrs( answerphone at times and out of hours)


Have a Mobile Information Unit based in the UK( Currently suspended)

Produce a range of informative booklets

Promote the positive side of living with chronic pain

Liaise closely with healthcare professionals working in pain services helping to ensure the views of patients are known and acted upon

Are a strong lobbying organisation working hard to increase the provision of effective and timely pain management services within the NHS
Are an independent, non-political organisation with a clear focus on the key issues that impact on people affected by pain. We neither seek or receive government funding

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Vision

That everybody affected by chronic  pain shall have early access to effective treatment and support wherever they live; whatever their circumstances; whatever their colour or creed.

Our Mission

Action on Pain’s mission is that:

We strive hard to ensure that treatment for chronic pain becomes a priority within the NHS. That sufficient resources and funding are made available across the NHS that ensures current long and unacceptable waiting times for treatment are eliminated and the quality and continuity of services is consistent across the UK healthcare arena.

We also work hard to ensure that all healthcare professionals across the UK have a greater understanding of the impact of chronic pain through better undergraduate training and continued professional development

We work hard to give employers a better understanding of how they can best support employees to stay in the workplace when chronic pain becomes an issue.

We work hard to give the Department of Work & Pensions a better understanding of chronic pain to ensure that in future  their assessments are fair and proportionate


Do you fancy being a volunteer? It is a rewarding experience which bring variety and challenges at various levels. So how can you help?

By becoming a volunteer on PainLine-our dedicated telephone helpline. Full training is given as well as enhancing your computer skills. Job satisfaction is immense in an environment that swings from pressure to humour-no two days are the same.

By helping us man the mobile information unit at store collections ;county shows etc. Action on Pain is eager to widen the geographical coverage that the unit provides in order to build on the success to date which is enabling us to reach out to far more people than ever before

By becoming a fundraiser

By providing admin support

By being willing to share your experiences with others in a similar situation

Action on Pain will cover your travel expenses and there are always tea and biscuits on the go! In some cases we may be able to help you with the cost of gaining qualifications.

Interested ? Please call 01553 828926 for an informal chat