You and Chronic Pain

About Chronic Pain

Several recent surveys point to around 1 in 7 of the UK population having chronic pain. Add to this those actually “affected” by chronic pain then the ratio changes to 1 in 4!
Yet the fight to get timely and effective treatment for your chronic pain is often long and difficult. It is incredible to think that despite the clear evidence provided by the above figures treatment for chronic pain is still one of the most under-funded services within the NHS. Despite the huge amounts of money that have been poured into the NHS by the present government the provision of specialised pain serices continues to diminish.
By being denied early access to such services which have been shown to provide real support for many people with chronic pain it is clear that far too many people experience a devastating long-term impact on their life. Financial hardship caused by the inability to work can and does put severe social and emotional strain on a family. The lack of effective on-going support is often the key factor in preventing them ever getting back into employment.
Chronic pain is just that-chronic and likely to be with you for the rest of your life. Doom and gloom all round we hear you say! Yet the truth can be and often is somewhat different as with the right treatment, support and your own determination to live your life to the full so much can be achieved.
Getting good advice and support at an early stage is critical. Often a call to the Action on Pain ” PainLine” provides a good starting point as taking that first step is often the hardest part of your journey. There is so much you can do whilst living with chronic pain. If you have not done so already why not take that first step? Good luck! Call us onĀ 01553 828926