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Chronic Pain continues to impact on many people across the UK with reliable estimates seeing 1 in 8 of the population affected. NHS pain services are struggling to keep up with the demand with long waiting lists and fragmented services rife- a situation present even before COVID19. The situation in Scotland is particularly dire with the Scottish Government constantly failing to come up with any constructive solutions to easing the situation which sees people often waiting up to two years for a follow-up appointment. Our helpline has seen a huge increase in calls and emails from across Scotland from people struggling to access any form of pain relief. Since 1998 Action on Pain volunteers have worked tirelessly to raise the profile of chronic pain to national and local government, NHS service commissioners, the media and the general public. It has been a tough journey presenting many challenges along the way that has often seen our volunteers subjected to severe pressure and sometimes even bullying from civil servants and governments. Yet we stand strong at every stage standing up for those affected by chronic pain. As we neither seek or receive funding from any government source we are truly independent which is reflected in the stances we take on behalf of people affected by chronic pain.