Tricks of the Trade

What we have done here is to put together some good ideas for dealing with your chronic pain. They all come from people affected by chronic pain who have found innovative ways to improve their quality of life. As time goes by we shall refresh this page with new ideas as we seek to develop our “box of tricks”. If you have a good idea or handy tip we would love to know about it- please send an e-mail to [email protected].


How can I do this differently?I set boundaries for the day that are realistic.I find things I can do, making them the focus of the day, rather than the pain.I have a pair of long-handled grippers in each room.My pain is more controlled when I stick to pacing and my limits.I try to understand the mechanics of my pain and discomfort - it helps me to stay calmer and relexed.I always try to feel in charge of the situation - some say I am stubborn but it works! Our family life has really improved.Having a nice hot bath helps - try lavender oil or sea salt in it.Each day I have a 30 minute relaxation spot - I just stop everything - it�s wonderful.I am always on the lookout for new ideas to manage my pain and the lifestyle that goes with it.I read a lot. Getting deep into the plot and characters can be a great distraction from my pain - a sort of fantasy world.The more distracted I am the better for me and my pain.I joke about having to use a mobility aid, I call it a monster truck! Humour has been a godsend to me!I used to wake in the morning thinking �What hurts today?� Now I do the opposite and check what does not hurt - I now feel much more positive.Believing in yourself - that you can do things.Thinking. �While I�m doing this I�ll enjoy it.� Do this - it might even be fun.